Expert Developers

With a diverse, blended learning background developing innovative, creative, and engaging learning & training experiences.

On-going Support

Analyzing data and recommending solutions to utilize the LMS to deliver, track training and measure performance to meet organizational objectives.


Engaging with trainees with advanced information and demonstration, ensuring a smooth transition and understanding of your training experience.

Custom LMS

Maintaining and implementing different learning technology strategies for our clients. LMS Doctor performs personalizations, integrations and developing/enhancing through testing of third-party applications.

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Troubleshooting issues that may develop in the application operating environment and correcting problems using basic debugging methods is what we do everyday.

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Why LMS Doctor?

We make education and training systems better. We build software to meet customer needs, set your LMS for success while saving you time and money in the process.

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We are experts with JavaScript + JQuery, database architecture and MySQL. Knowledge of servers and infrastructure design, develop and support a variety of applications including server-side, batch, plugin and API applications.

Save money and time

Delivering unique features that your learning program needs in order to effectively deliver training in a cost-effective way.

On-going Support

Advanced consulting or extensive technical expertise as well as full industry knowledge, before, during and after each requirement.

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Customizing Functionalities

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