LMS for Schools allows you to provide a virtual classroom experience for your students taking advantage of the benefits aside from  traditional education. LMS for schools is a must need platform for any institution or teacher.
Here are some of the benefits for this learning environment:


Interactive structures

Engaging courses with interactive assessments, video lectures, games, quizzes and reporting will provide a transformed user experience. Intuitive dashboards, branding customization and user menus are some of the many options available for your LMS for Schools system. 

  • Multiple Choice 
  • Fill the Blanks 
  • Course presentation 
  • Interactive videos 
  • Card and list Layouts 

Interactive structures

Your e-learning platform allows students to access the courses anytime and anywhere.  Provide the option to access the courses and track your students performance and completion progress.

  • Schedulers
  • Course Time Trackers 
  • Time-based Activities
  • Time Spent – Activity Restrictions
  • Deadlines

Immediate Feedback

Assignment feedback, activity participation, course and teacher evaluation even with video are some of the features you can personalize in order to measure the success of the assignment, activity or course. Learners can also provide feedback and create a community feeling with their classmates.


Increase  Participation and Engagement

LMS systems offer the opportunity to have interactions amongst students and teachers with the option of having a social wall and social media like experience. Active interaction with hangouts, youtube, drive and Zoom. Implement reengagement tools such as email reminders and motivate your students with badges, challenges and achievements.


Integrations & Plugins

Here are just a few ideas for your school LMS:

  • Forum Moodle 
  • Single simple Discussion 
  • Q&A
  • Messaging 
  • Attendance
  • Role Assignment 
  • Learning analytics 
  • Zoom 
  • Chats 
  • Time-management 
  • Certifications