Learning management systems are so important now, more than ever, even for small businesses. Training your employees is extremely important in order to deliver the proper knowledge and skills, while reducing cost and ensuring high performance and productivity..

The following are just some of the features we provide to our clients:

Client Compliance

Train your employees with your policies and regulations in a centralized way, engaging your employees with up-to-date information and valuable reporting.

  • Cloud-Based LMS Software
  • Built-in notification systems
  • Automated reporting

Customer Training

In order to be successful and retain your customers, you must provide useful training of your software, services or products. With a cloud-based LMS system you can improve your customer relations, reduce client support interactions and maintain them as a result of  increasing sales and productivity.

  • Centralized learning material 
  • Social learning experience 
  • Deliver content efficiently including updates, new features and more..

Employee Training

Measure the progress and comprehension of your employees while improving content and delivery with feedback; demonstrate to your employees that their insights are valuable. 

  • Online Progress assessments 
  • Single sign on 
  • Branding

Tracking and Reporting

These features are important in order to track all the aspects of your business. Checking the user participation, performance and completion rates will give you the data you need in order to improve in the most important aspects of your business, your clients and your employees.

Plugins - Blocks - Modules

Integrations & Plugins

Here are just a few ideas for your business LMS:

  • Integration with MicrosoftDrive 
  • Login with LinkedIn
  • Gamification options 
  • Live training 
  • Motivation Plugins 
  • Event Management
  • Role Assignment 
  • Learning analytics 
  • Zoom 
  • Chats 
  • Time-management 
  • Certifications

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