Today, people are becoming more and more creative,  innovating industries everywhere. From handling different clients, starting a business or working as an entrepreneur, LMS for Entrepreneurs provides flexibility and the opportunity to earn money, the right way.

The following are just some of the features we provide to our clients:

LMS Doctor provides a  platform for entrepreneurs that wish to market

their knowledge and grow their online business.

Design layout & Organize content structure

All of what you have in mind to share and sell towards your audience is placed in the table to find the best way of structuring your whole LMS Site.

Create & Enhance the learning experience

After knowing all of the structure of your content and knowledge you’re going to sell, we adjust design and experience workflow according to it. This way your users/students will not just learn but also enjoy the way they’re learning.

Market your site

Here we’re working together developing the strategies and best way to advertise in social media and offline to get to your audience.

Sell your courses online & start earning money

At this point, you’ll have to spend a minimum amount of time checking on your LMS and more time enjoying what you’re earning.

Plugins - Blocks - Modules

Integrations & Plugins

Here are just a few ideas for your business LMS:

  • Branding and personalization 
  • Pre-developed integrations 
  • Responsive: Computer and Mobile access 
  • E-commerce Features : Sell individual or Subscription 
  • Active Users 
  • Plugin development 
  • business-to-business course sales: Different training portals 
  • Classroom base-base training complement

Looking for other systems?  LMS FOR BUSINESS or LMS FOR SCHOOLS